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Security and Compliance


With the rise of cyber crime, most businesses have focused on “Security 101”— prevention efforts such as firewalls and virus protection. In today’s landscape, cyber criminals use highly evolved strategies – from mobile malware and ransomware to automated intrusion tools and “bots”—to exploit every possible vulnerability and thwart these protections. Yet, 80% of security budgets are still funneled towards outdated “solutions.”

​​Is at the Forefront of Security

We are leading the charge to “Network Security 2.0,” a more effective methodology where the emphasis is on early detection and response rather than building barricades that no longer stop anyone. Commonly referred to as Unified Threat Management, this methodology combines a strong security posture with a formal incident response plan, greatly reducing the odds and the average cost of a data breach.

In a landscape where the question of attack isn’t “if,” but “when,” every organization’s future will be determined by the speed with which it can detect attacks and respond to intruders. Our approach to security addresses this challenge. Our tiered Managed Security as a Service options lead the industry, offering business leaders practical solutions that can be tailored to their assets, potential exposure and tolerance for risk.

Our methodologies are driven by objective acceptance of the current realities, as reported in credible surveys and news media over the past few years:

  • 90% of businesses have experienced cyber attacks and nearly 50% have suffered damage as a result.

  • The average cost of an incident starts at $38,000 for the smallest business and goes up to $500,000 or more for enterprises — before factoring in fines, penalties or court-ordered damage awards to customers.

  • Malicious or criminal attacks rather than negligence or system glitches are the main players when damage occurs, and very few in-house IT departments or Managed Services Providers are equipped to handle them.

  • NASA, the IRS, the FBI, the CIA and the Pentagon all have multi-million dollar security budgets, yet all have been successfully hacked.

  • Malware can sit dormant for up to 250 days before being used against a company, but it typically takes 14 months for a firm to detect it.

By viewing security as a dynamic discipline, A1 IT Consulting’s security engineers create and document policies, IT architectures and workflows that not only lower risk and liability but also help organizations demonstrate due care for compliance reporting in a world of evolving regulatory requirements. Solutions incorporate a sweeping range of client concerns including compliance and audit preparedness, policy and liability, wireless networks, centralized identity management, remote access, websites, business continuity planning/disaster recovery, messaging and email, mobility/BYOD, collaboration apps such as Google+, unauthorized Cloud apps, social media and “the people factor.”

We look forward to helping you better understand and navigate today’s multi-faceted risk landscape.

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